Get Your Mezcal On: Tacombi at Fonda Gets a Liquor License

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Photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

If the 1970’s Volkswagen parked INSIDE the Nolita restaurant hasn’t lured you into Tacombi at Fonda, perhaps their shiny new liquor license will entice you. Having recently only served Monterrey beers, Carta Blanca, a light lager and Bohemia (a far more crisp and refreshing pilsner), Tacombi at Fonda has now added three mezcals to their mouthwatering menu.

Mezcal, meaning quite literally ‘oven cooked agave’ dates back to the 1500’s when the Spaniards came to cause a ruckus in Mexico and start distilling the abundant agave plants. Before realizing it’s full potential, the natives fermented ‘pulque’ which was used in religious ceremonies and sacrifices to the gods. Now we’re sacrificing our livers in order to get a taste. Tacombi’s offering includes Joven, the youngest mezcal, which is either unaged or aged less than two months; Reposado, aged in oak from two months to a year; and Añejo, which is between one and three years old.

Whichever you choose, heck! Choose the spiked Horchata! Pair it with Tacombi’s barbacoa taco; beef short rib braised in wine and deliciousness.