Guava Horchata Soft Serve at Momofuku Milk Bar, Just in Time for Summer

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Momofuku Milk Bar is the hyped up dessert bar attached to super trendy restaurants by foodie guru, David Chang. The restaurants regularly serve up remixed world food specialties, and at the Milk Bar, desserts such as the infamous crack pie. Milk Bar is currently offering something so delicious that it’s quickly become dear to our hearts: guava horchata soft serve. The new horchata flavor came out of the need to use leftover rice from the vietnamese-leaning Momofuku restaurant Má Pêche, as they explained to us below:

“Spring had sprung and it was time to change the soft serve flavor at Midtown Milk Bar. We came up with guava horchata as we were brainstorming our favorite refreshing flavors for the warm months! being part of the momofuku family means always having left over rice in house- we soak the rice in water and milk, season with sugar, cinnamon and salt and add guava for a tropical twist.”

We recommend you run out and try it today – give yourself a sweet treat to kick off Memorial Day Weekend…jajaja..however you rationalize it. Just do it! The horchata flavor is solely at the midtown Milk Bar location on 56th st., open until 11 pm every day, and will cost you $4.50 w/o any cereal topping.