Happy Friday!

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At Remezcla, we like food.

This is probably not a surprise to any of our readers, but we want to get the word out about a few of the culinary adventures we’ve had in the past week. The Spot is awesome, but we’re stress eating.

So on Monday, when our resident Iris Chacon impersonator Maria “LaLaboy” Laboy, freed from the need to make weight class on stage, brought us an incredible assortment of doughnuts on Monday morning, our fat asses were only too ready to chow down. (Who cares that we’d already eaten breakfast?) The delicious doughnuts at right are from Clinton Hill (but kind of really Bed Stuy) bakery Dough, and what’s pretty incredible about them is that at least the ones we got are totally Latino themed; clockwise from the top, we’ve got cheesecake, dulce de leche, berry, coconut, cafe au lait, and hibiscus flower (better known as jamaica to our Mexican friends). As you can see, we cut them up into quarters and made short work of them. They never stood a chance. Particular highlights? The dulce de leche filling was lovely and – somewhat surprisingly to those of us less familiar with the ingredient – the jamaica doughnut was pretty incredible.


So that was Monday. On Wednesday, Remezcla intern Estefania, clued us into a new development in cupcakes happening right by us in Williamsburg just in time for us to do some –um– research (read: just in time for us to stuff our faces full of sugar-buttery-goodness). We immediately got a food writer on it – check back next week for the full article – but we couldn’t wait to try for ourselves. See Brooklyn Cupcake is a place run by “determined Latinas…infusing the flavors of their Puerto Rican and Italian roots into their baked goods.” So, what exactly constitutes a Puerto Rican cupcake?

“Well, we have flan,” Carmen, the woman behind Brooklyn Cupcake told me. That will do it, I guess. And guava con queso, coquito, and tres leches flavored cupcakes. And dulce de leche, on vanilla or chocolate. Holy shit; why didn’t somebody think of this before?

Back at the office, Remezcla staff eyed the six little morsels of joy from Brooklyn Cupcake with greed. Joel dubbed them “los cupcakes de la Amistad; mistad pa ti, y mistad pa mi.” Once evenly divided, we dug in. The result was magic. No, seriously, it was almost as if rainbows and unicorns spontaneously appeared in the Remezcla offices.

Just take a look at Claudia’s face after sampling the tres leches:

“It tastes like home!” she exclaimed.

“Oyé, el de guava con queso está bien bueno,” added Maria with her Puerto Rican tumbao.

Five minutes into the research and the cupcakes were gone. See for yourself:

Our finding? That everyone should have a Happy Friday con sabor a guava con queso. Check back next week for our food writer Karina Taveras’ coverage of Brooklyn Cupcakes, which we just can’t get enough of.