How To Make Your Own Altar de Muertos

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El Día de Muertos is a very cool way to honor our ancestors, this tradition is practiced in México and by many Latin Americans living in the US. It consists of building an altar de muertos with a lot of symbolical elements because on the night of November 1st “los muertitos” visit their former homes and they like to be welcomed with all the goodies they used to like!

So.. let’s do this!!

In order to build your own altar de muertos you will need:

1. A portrait of  the deceased-  It can be a painting, a picture, etc. We, at Remezcla Headquarterz, chose to adore the Mexican actress Maria Felix aka La Doña. We hope she graces us with her visit from el más allá.

2. Purple candles– As a sign of grief. They have to be in pairs, no matter how many.

3.  Two big sugar skulls and 12 little ones- There can be fewer skulls but they also have to come in pairs. They represent the Holy Death, which is always present.

4. Soap, towel, and water– Just in case el muertito wants to wash his/her hands after the long trip and before he/her eats the delicious food.

5.  Water– In case our muertito gets thirsty and wants to wet his/her lips

6. Tequila– So our muertito remembers all the good times!

7. Food– It’s ideal to give the dead the food that he/she used to like when they were alive, so they feel welcome and at home!

8.  A big cross made out of ashes- It helps our muertito to be liberated of all sin.

9.  Marigold flowers– To create a pretty and aromatic ambience for our ancestor.

Just so you know, the altar de muertos has to be set by the night of October 31, and left for the nights of November 1st and November 2nd. The tradition tells us that after our ancestors visit the altar de muertos, everything is devoid of scent and flavor. So enjoy and let’s celebrate the Day of the Dead!