Instagram Teaches Us There is Nothing To Do During Hurricane Sandy But Eat

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The East Coast’s personal nightmare, Hurricane Sandy, has been flooding the streets AND our Twitter/Instagram feeds. If we’ve learned anything from the social media deluge, it’s that people have nothing to do but make some impressive Huracán banquetes. The best of the Instagram monchis – including meats & Pernil encebollao’  – below.  NOM NOM NOM:

This user got a lil’ more fancy, and made pinchos. How does chicken, shrimp & pineapple sound? :

Up next? TOSTONES CENTRAL! Btw, everyone knows Tostones are easy to cook, plantains are cheap, plus no electricity needed so, hurricane tostón!

And this guy went all out, Sancocho for Hurricane, plus funny detail, guineos instead of plátanos. Does anyone else eat Sancocho like this?

Hurricane-peeps got their beans and veggies too (These three courtesy of Buzzfeed):

Add some tortillas, make it into tostadas, look at you Sandy, chef, de nada. (I horribly failed at rhyming)

Here’s some preferred drinks to wash it down (pero no te mojes!)

Necessary supplies of course: