Jose Canseco: Manhattan's Favorite New Pizza Boy?

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Batter up! We had no doubt that Jose Canseco knew his way around a basbeball diamond, but we had no idea he knew his away around a pizza shop, too. As part of the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice, the ex-baseball player proves he’s not just versed in hitting homeruns and art of illegal steroid use, he’s also quite the pizza slinger. Canseco was caught filming at Famiglia Pizzeria on 8th and Broadway where he was competing against other contestants that included Lil’ Jon, Gary Busey and Meat Loaf others. We missed our shot at sampling celebrity-made pizza or scoring a cameo on The Apprentice but we hear Canseco and co. were not only making the pizza themselves but wrangling passersby to come inside the restaurant to taste. To those who did make it down to Greenwich for pizza, we hope you had the foresight to sprinkle your own toppings on the pie.  [Via Mediaite]