Mexican Restaurant Receives Prestigious Michelin Star

Lead Photo: Costina Purice/EyeEm
Costina Purice/EyeEm
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Mexican chef Santiago Lastra is at the top of his game in the kitchen. His London-based restaurant, KOL, was recently awarded a prestigious Michelin Star.

In the culinary world, the Michelin Guide is a system used to rate restaurants with 1-3 stars. Restaurants that receive one star are listed as “a very good restaurant in its category.”

“We are incredibly humbled to announce that KOL has been awarded a Michelin Star,” a message on the restaurant’s Instagram page read. “[It is] a testament to the dedication, hard work, and endless creativity of our team. From three years ago on a beach in Tulum, imagining what KOL might be, to standing here in Marylebone with our wonderful team, this really is a dream come true.”


The restaurant called the accolade an “honour” and took pride in being able to “represent Mexican cuisine on an international stage.”

“Mexico, this is for you,” the message continued. “From the home cooks and family traditions that we grew up with, to the incredible Indigenous communities that inspire our work and ground our culture, thank you for being a constant source of wonder and creativity. We couldn’t be prouder of what our team has accomplished, and we cannot wait to see where KOL takes us next. Thank you for being a part of our journey.”

Throughout his career, Lastra has traveled around the world working as a chef at several high-end restaurants like Tate Modern in London, Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen, and NOMA in Cancún, Mexico. Since opening KOL in 2020, he has been named GQ Best Chef 2021. KOL was also recognized by the National Restaurant Awards as one of the top 35 restaurants in the U.K.