New York is Finally Getting Its Own ‘La Feria de los Moles’

Lead Photo: The Bitten Word
The Bitten Word
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In the eight years since Pedro Ramos started La Feria de los Moles in Los Angeles, it has become a massive foodie affair, drawing crowds of up to 40,000 who head to the historic Olvera Street Plaza to taste the mixture of indigenous and Spanish flavors that make up mole. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, mole-lovers were stuck looking at the instagrams with drooly envy. 

That is changing this year, with the first-ever New York edition of La Feria de los Moles. On May 15,  New Rochelle will see people present different kinds of mole – as well as a variety of mole cupcakes, paletas, and other traditional Mexican dishes – in the ultimate battle to determine whether Puebla or Oaxaca make the best sauce.

In honor of La Feria de los Moles’ New York debut, here are some moles you can drool over:

La Feria de los Moles takes place at 1 Library Plaza in New Rochelle on May 15. The event starts at noon and runs until 6 p.m. Admission is free; the food, unfortunately, is not.