LA Mixologist Iluggy Recinos Teaches Us to Make a Concā Smash

Lead Photo: RESIDĒNCIA Industry Night, introducing new Concá cocktails.

Concā, the world’s first vodka Panamericano, launched in Los Angeles last month, giving us a preview of its unique flavor – a blend distilled from North American corn vodka and sugarcane vodka from Veracruz.

We’ll admit: we weren’t sure what to expect at first, and were even a little skeptical. But we were intrigued by their ethos, which resonated with Remezcla’s own: “we believe authenticity isn’t purity, but about blending everything that inspires us.” And when we actually tried it, the smooth flavor (just a whisper of vanilla and citrus, yet not sugary at all) won us over. Especially in the hands of some of LA’s most exciting new mixologists, who whipped up a variety of Concā cocktails for us to sample during a special bar industry night in Silver Lake.

In the kickoff to Concā’s new video series “Stories Con Carácter,” the brand caught up with Iluggy Recinos, a born and bred Los Angeles mixologist, who talks about the art of crafting new cocktails and teaches us to make a Concā Smash. Watch and learn.