CHI: 5411 Empanadas Food Truck Gets a Storefront, YUM

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Twitter: @Stefadook

Anything wrapped in dough is a winner in my book, and in my book, there’s quite a hefty chapter on the glorious street food, Empanadas. The beauty in empanadas is the slight differences from one Latino country to another. Colombianos love their empanadas deep-fried with red pique. Puertorriqueños like their bacalao filled pastelillos the size of their heads (not complaining). It’s time for the empanada to have the spotlight. After opening their hit food truck in 2009, the team behind 5411 Empanadas found a permanent home for their Argentinian goodies in Lakeview.

Named after the Argentinian calling code, the gourmet empanadas at 5411 boast of a menu fit for all cravings. Their Malbec Beef empanada is stuffed with stewed carrots, onions and beef in a malbec wine reduction…which will go perfectly with your bottle of vino since 5411 has a BYOB policy. For the herbivores out there, the sweet corn empanada is filled with real corn kennels, mozzarella cheese, bechamel sauce and a dash of nutmeg– the perfect segue to their desert menu. Finally, their smoked bacon, medjool date and goat cheese empanadas will make you wish you had never tasted such perfection because everything to enter your mouth after this will taste like Lunchables.

5411 Empanadas are giving the people of Chi-town what they want. Freshly baked (woo, healthy!), imported ingredients, authentic flavors on a budget at $2.25 a pop. Follow 5411 on Twitter for their food truck locations which change daily. If you’re too lazy to check social media, 5411 Empanadas deliver anywhere from offices to park benches.