Mexico 2000 To Open Second Location

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Mexico 2000 is one of South Williamsburg’s best kept secrets – or so we thought. This hole-in-the-wall bodega/restaurant sells some of Brooklyn’s most authentic (and inexpensive) Mexican fare, including chimichangas, pozole, menudo, mole, caldo de res, tamales & more. When it opened five years ago, the spot – lovingly nicknamed “Mex2k” by Remezcla producer and frequent customer Angelita Mendoza – was only frequented by latinos in the know. But apparently, their clientele has been expanding, drawing people from all over South Willy B.  In fact, according to the nice lady at the counter we spoke with, the current location is “muy chiquitito” to accomodate the growing amount of orders they get every day, so they’re opening a second location two doors down from the original place.

There is no definite opening date, but our source told us that the new shop will open “lo mas probable, ya prontito” next month. They already have the bright new awning and are just waiting for some permits.  No word yet on whether we can refer to the two locations collectively as “Mexico 4000,” but we’ll keep you posted on that front. In the meantime, you can stop by the original at 367 Broadway for a $4 Quesadilla con carnitas and fresh cheese the size of your face. Nom nom.