Someone Please Explain Why Neiman Marcus Is Selling Tamales

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If you’re looking to add some Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenberg, or Oscar de la Renta to your wardrobe, you might turn to Neiman Marcus. If you’re looking for delicious tamales, you probably shouldn’t turn to the upscale retailer. Yet, the store’s trying to encroach on tamaleros’ territory. For $92 (plus another $18 for shipping), you can get six dozen handmade tamales. So the 72 tamales end up being about $1.28 apiece, which is actually a pretty decent price.

But what’s Neiman Marcus even doing? It’s already pretty sus to sell these Mexican-style tamales, and using the #ONLYATNM (Only at Neiman Marcus) hashtag is kind of tone-deaf. Also, these tamales look bite-size, and if you show up with these to a Latino gathering, you might embarrass yourself.

Look, these may actually be tasty and pretty authentic. It’s not like Neiman Marcus makes them. They ship directly from the vendor. However, it still doesn’t excuse NM for confusing flavors and colors and for leaving us with so many questions.

Neiman Marcus
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NM also sells an enchilada dinner for $72.

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