World’s Most Considerate Burglar Cleans Up Taqueria Kitchen, Leaves Tip

Lead Photo: Photo by Christopher René Bautista Sánchez / EyeEm
Photo by Christopher René Bautista Sánchez / EyeEm
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When an unnamed man broke into Nelly’s Taqueria in Long Island on Tuesday night, he was after more than just money. The burglar, trying to satiate his hunger, prepared some food in the kitchen. And though he was after cash, he minded his manners and cleaned up the kitchen before leaving, according to Food & Wine.

The incident went down at about 2 a.m. on Tuesday, WPVI-TV reports. The shop’s cameras caught him entering through a back window and preparing a meal. Unfortunately, there’s no information on what kind of food he made himself. But the shop’s manager said the burglar “knew food safety skills. He would change gloves frequently after handling food and then handling another object.” The man made off with $100, but left a $1 tip in the tip jar.