This National Hero Built a Toaster That Can Heat 6 Tortillas At Once

Lead Photo: Nuni Tortilla Toaster

Up until this point, the oppressive comal has gotten in the way of our desire for instant and delicious tacos. While we may want to heat multiple tortillas at once, many of these pans just can’t handle it. But a hero has emerged to deliver us salvation through the Nuni Tortilla Toaster – a household appliance that allows you to warm up six tortillas at once. And we have Elliot Benitez to thank.

The idea first came to Chicagoan Benitez while eating dinner at his mother’s house. Coming from a Mexican household, tortillas are, naturally, one of his main food groups, which meant that his mom spent a lot of time using the comal and heating them up one at a time. By his calculations, she’s lost 60 days – spread over a 20-year period – because of the comal’s limited space. Branding it as the “world’s first tortilla toaster,” Benitez’s invention can warm up wheat, flour, or corn tortillas in its six slots in 60 seconds. And it promises to do a better job than an oven or microwave, which is how Mario Lopez has been getting by.

The Nuni Toaster has yet to reach market shelves across the country, but Elliot and his crew have created an IndieGoGo campaign to fund this life-changing appliance. At the suggested $99 retail price, it’s steep price to pay for a product with a single use, but it’ll certainly have you double-fisting tacos in no time.

[H/T Chicagoist]