NYC: 11 Boozy Latin Brunches Where You Can Get Prendío

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Something called a “polar vortex” is happening outside, so at this point there are only two things that could possibly lure me out of my apartment:

1. Ryan Gosling
2. Unlimited Drinks
Luckily, both things can be found in New York. Especially the All-You-Can-Drink brunches. Because, as this year’s Santacon showed us, the best way to deal with frigid, snowy weather is to put your booze coat on. Without further ado, 11 affordable places to get a all-you-can drink latino brunch:

Park Slope, East Village

This is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the city (both locations). On weekends, $25 gets you your choice of entrees and 1 1/2 hours of unlimited Frozen Hibiscus Rosalitas, Classic Margaritas, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or House Beers.


This pan latin spot has great cocktails (we’re a fans of their Aguate and Mezcal concoction) but during the brunch hours mimosas are the name of the game. Buy one entree ($10-15) + one mimosa, and you get as many more mimosas as you want. They say vitamin C is important in these cold temperatures to boost your immune system, so this is clearly the way to go. Drink for your health mi’jos.

Yerba Buena
Alphabet City

Add $15 to your brunch order, and you get one hour of all-you-can-drink Latin cocktails, including something called an Anti-Hangover Mary (which hopefully will preempt the cruda).

Calle Ocho

If you’ve managed to hang on for more than 10 years in this city, then you’re a classic in my book. Calle Ocho’s brunch offers latin fusion entrees, which range from $18-28, that come with unlimited sangria – but only for the length of your meal. So eat slowly. Their website outlines some handy rules for how to handle this booze bounty  – my favorite: “Please don’t forget your children here. We WILL put them to work.” Soooo expect to be in the company of some crunk parents.

Cafe Cortadito
Alphabet City

This homey spot has some of the best cuban coffee in the city, so you’ll have something to sober you up a little after brunch. JK we all know that doesn’t actually work.  For $22.95 you get a Cuban entree, plus 7 options for all you can drink bacchanalia: Tropical mimosas, Champagne margaritas, Champagne mojitos, beer, red or white, and Bloody Marys. To be honest Champagne margaritas sound kind of gross but who knows maybe it tastes like 4Loko aka still gross.


For $21.95 you get unlimited mimosas to go with your Mexibrunch (the kitchen is helmed by MTY native Chef Julieta Ballesteros). The fine print on the menu says that seatings are limited to one hour, so strategize accordingly.

Vamos! Tacos and Tequila

The menu here is pretty self explanatory. During brunch hours, add $9 to any entree to get 90 mins of unlimited frozen margaritas. Perhaps the idea of frozen drinks right now seems less than enticing, but after the second one you’ll be lit up enough to forget about all that.

Greenwich Village

Add $14 to your brunch order and get two hours of unlimited cocktails – options include sparkling mojitos, orange mimosas, caipirinha cubanas, mango sunrise, and sangria. Bonus: drinks here are strong.

La Flaca

According to their brunch menu, La Flaca serves “Mexican eggs & stuff”. We like stuff. $22 gets you two hours of endless Frozen Margaritas, Sangrias, Bloody Marys, La Flaca Amber Ales, or Mimosas.


One of the few (and maybe the only) places on this list that serves ceviche at brunch. A wise move; in Peru, the limey spicy juice from ceviche is called “leche de tigre” and is served to cure hangovers. $15 gets you bottomless sangria and punch – though word on Yelp is that you have to be aggressive with the waiters to keep the refills flowing at a good pace.

The Bowery

Anything off the Cuban menu plus bottomless sangria is $24 for 2hrs. Given that they have an entire blog post on their website dedicated to celebrating bottomless brunches, you can safely bet this is their thing.