NYC: Drool Over These Six Variants of Latin BBQ You Can Eat for Free at "This Ain’t Havana: Paladar in Queens"

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Queens doesn’t usually get a lot of shine as an NYC art destination, although it’s a widely accepted fact that it’s where all the good, legit food is. So the Queens Museum’s latest event, which melds architecture and art with a bounty of Latin BBQ is basically genius, and we’ve already got our stretchy-waist eating outfits ready in anticipation.

This Ain’t Havana: Paladar in Queens, a play on the Ramone’s song, will showcase Cuban architects in residence Yoandy Rizo Fiallo and Osmany Garcia Fuentes and their installation called “Entre Fronteras” which aims to address the limited support and resources that Cuban artists face. Both graduates of the Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría (ISPJAE) in Havana, Yoandy and Osmany are hosting a collaborative effort with Proyecto Paladar to use small latin dishes as a symbolic journey of cross-cultural exchanges through the Caribbean, Central and South American communities, all of which are vibrant and visible in the Museum’s neighborhood of Corona, Queens.

The initiative gets its name from the Cuban term “paladar” which, references government exempt restaurants in Cuba that are often in people’s homes and seat as little as 12 people. The Queens Museum is honoring this custom and becoming a paladar for one evening and guests are all considered the most important part. Now, to the most exciting part: all the delicious BBQ you can eat at this event:

Pollo a la Parilla con Limon accompanied with Guineitos Verdes

Chef Angela Peralta of Angelita’s Restaurant in Corona is preparing this home style Dominican barbeque dish that will take you straight to la capital.

Zapato Viejo

Chef Christina Bouza of the popular Brooklyn staple Cubana Social will be serving up a vegetarian play on the traditional Cuban dish, “Ropa Vieja.” Instead she’s calling it “Zapato Viejo,” using the platano in the dish to symbolize the shoe serving as the connection to La Tierra.

Costillar de Chancho

Chef Katiushka Melo of Eat in Greenpoint will be grilling a Chilean style rib, served con peber de cilantro y jalapeño.

Carnitas de Pernil

Chef Shauna Page from Nixtamel Tortilla Factory is preparing this Mexican favorite, served with rice and beans and tamales.

Tacos al Carbon

Chef Alfredo Medel of Porsena in the East Village also representing Mexico is whipping up this classic.

Cuacara de Carne Asada

Chef Freddy Jarrin of Van Ecuador is making a most sophisticated slab of meat, seasoned al estilo ecuatoriano.


Salivating yet? You can wash down these flavorful dishes with imported beers from relevant countries and if you’re looking for the harder stuff mezcal and rum cocktails sponsored by Denizen Rum and Union Mezcal will be on hand. Oh and did we mention this is all absolutely FREE?!

Come to the Queens Museum on July 24th from 7pm-10pm and make sure you RSVP for this memorable event here.