NYC: Kion Ceviche Bar Opens in Williamsburg Tomorrow

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For years, the Peruvian food scene in the Williamsburg area has been pretty dead, with just Chimu holding down the fort on the unassuming corner of Union ave and the BQE (usually overshadowed by the crowds at Union Pool). But last year, East Village ceviche bar Desnuda added itself to the mix, garnering rave reviews and helping to spread the gospel of lime-y seafood heaven throughout northern Brooklyn. Now, a new eatery will be swelling the ranks of Peruvian offerings in the hood — just a few blocks from McCarren park, Kion Ceviche Bar is slated to open tomorrow, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

From the looks of it, the restaurant is a reincarnation of Kion Dining Lounge, an East Village Peruvian-Japanese fusion spot that closed several years ago. The original Kion may have been ahead of its time — though those in the know have always savored the mix of Spanish, African, Japanese and Chinese influences PLUS native Quechua culture that has resulted in Peru’s wildly diverse flavors, the cuisine has only just started getting attention on the world stage in the last 3-4 years. In New York, this is leading to a wave of new Peruvian restaurant openings, a trend we can only hope continues.

Below, get a glimpse of the menu Kion Ceviche Bar will be offering when it opens its doors. Added bonus: latin music promoter Mario Martinez is behind this eatery, which means their playlists will probably be great. Already, they have a Jarabe de Palo meet & greet scheduled at Kion for October 2nd.


Osyters or clams with tangy leche de tigre
Half Dozen Oysters 9
Half Dozen Clams 8

Choros a la chalaca
Half dozen new zealand Mussels, diced red onions and tomatos in a spicy lime rocoto sauce 7

Crispy Oysters
Fried oysters, hamashi ceviche, avocado mousse, ikura 10

Salmon Yuzu
Salmon, ikura in a yuzu cilantro sauce 12

Pepino Rollo
Cucumber rolls stuffed with salmon, avocado and seared tuna in a sesame yuzu sauce 10

Coco Tuna
Tuna and hamashi in a coconut-ginger lime juice served in a half coconut shell with plantain chips and toasted corn 12

Toro Con Palta
Tuna belly tartar with avocado mousse, capers and ceviche lime juice 12

Ceviche Mixto
Shrimp, squid, snapper and fluke marinated in a spicy ceviche sauce 13

Ceviche De Pescado
Snapper and fluke marinated in a spicy ceviche sauce 12

Ceviche De Pulpo
Fresh octopus with kalamata aioli and leche de tigre rocoto caper sauce 13

Rainbow tiradito
Hamashi, tuna, salmon and fluke drizzled with a warm zuke sauce or
in a aji amarillo rocoto sauce 12

Napoleon of shrimp, crabmeat, ceviche, avocado and spicy potato layers 9

Papa a la huancaina
Sliced boiled potatoes covered in a spicy feta cheese sauce with boiled egg and black olives 6

Kion Ceviche Bar is located at 568 Union Ave, Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211