NYC: Wednesdays = $1 Sandwiches at New Chain '100 Montaditos'

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This 30 Rock quote is how I knew that Liz Lemon – and by extension Tina Fey – is my spirit animal:

Can I share with you my worldview? All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.


Which is why it is my duty and higher calling to inform the general public that there is now a place where you can get delicious Spanish sandwiches for ONLY ONE DOLLAR on Wednesdays. 100 Montaditos – a chain that started in Spain and spent the last decade spreading throughout Europe and Latin America – has finally come to NYC. True to its name, the restaurant offers 100 varieties of montaditos, crunchy Spanish rolls baked to order and jam-packed with traditional ingredients as Serrano ham, Spanish tortilla, chorizo sausage and Manchego cheese. Normally, the offerings range from $1-$2.50 depending on the fillings – but as a hump day treat you can literally get anything on the menu for one buck.

The sandwiches are small-ish, but so cheap you can try several (including hot versions, dessert versions, and “gourmet” versions that upgrade the ingredients). Plus they serve booze (sangria, wine, and beer).

So yeah, you should probably head there immediately-ish.

100 Montaditos
176 Bleecker St., New York, NY