On Any Given Bonita

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Every table was taken at the dimly lit Mexican restaurant, Bonita, on an uneventful Wednesday night on the south-side of Willyburg. My best high school amiga and I were given the option to sit at the bar or at the end of a table. Thinking it could be “cafeteria cool” we agreed to sit at the table, which was occupied by three international hipsters. It was as if we had all met up for dinner and we could easily slip into their conversation. It was not cafeteria-style cool.

The overall atmosphere was Brooklyn laid-back but the music was out of place. I was expecting Los Amigos Invisibles but got G-Unit instead. They later redeemed themselves by playing Grupo Niche. All of the kitchen action was visible from the old-school diner style counter and the colorful tiny titles on the opposing wall added a touch of graphic chic.

The menu is basic Mexican and I have to admit the waiter was pretty cute and quickly rattled out the specials for the night. He left us chatting about his chulo-ness rather than the menu. We decided on chorizo appetizer, sangría, chiles rellenos, and enchiladas and a side of plátanos (not really Mexican, but can you blame us?). The drinks came right away and in a few minutes we had our chorizo; which to my regret, was bland. “This has been the highlight so far” said my friend Janitza speaking of the sangria (not the waiter).

Our second drink came in a flash and we had our food shortly after that. The timing was perfect but I was so disappointed to find no meat in my stuffed chilles. I’m a carnivore so I was expecting some carne. Instead, it was filled with a few pieces of half melted cheese. I ended up eating the cheese and plátanos along with some of the chiles. The enchiladas, on the other hand, were savory, not too spicy and filling. We couldn’t even finish them! The garlic-lime plátanos where delicious and saved my meal.

Bonita’s waiters live up to the name, they’re bonitos. I wish my meal could have been as tasty as some of the eye candy walking around. To Bonita’s credit, I have tried their Brunch menu after returning from Mexico City and thought the food was comparable. Maybe they had an off-uneventful Wednesday night.