Cash Flow: Our Tamale Lady Needs Your Help!

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If you’ve been out late-night gallivanting the streets of the Mission, you may have come across a special woman with an even more special gift: Tamales. Virginia Ramos, originally from Mexico, began her relationship with the Tamale when she was a little girl at her grandmother’s church, where she had the task of kneading the corn to make tamales for the nuns of the Convent. 50 years later and now a resident of San Francisco, Virginia realized her job as a house-keeper wasn’t going to put her seven children through college. And so began her affair with the Tamale, once more.

After years of toting around a cooler with homemade tamales to the down and out drunks of San Fran, her hungry customers have become her family, and as many of them have expressed, she’s become their ‘Guardian Angel’. Despite only the freshest ingredients and a tamale so good you can feel the love pouring out of it, Virginia has had to stop selling tamales due to bar health codes. But the people who have had their lives saved and bellies blessed with by Virginia have come together in hopes of giving these tamales a more permanent home.

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Virginia Ramos has been saving for the past 20 years, but she needs your help to make “Tamale Lady” a reality.

The City Department and Supervisors have already begun a pro bono search for a store front, but Virginia ‘Our Tamale Lady’ Ramos still needs enough money to build out a kitchen in order to continue with her holy tamales.

Check out the IndieGOGO campaign to see how YOU can help!