Peru’s Hottest Chef Teaches Ellen to Make Tacu Tacu, Gringo Outlets Think He’s Making Tacos

Lead Photo: Photo: Nick Solares
Photo: Nick Solares
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When we first learned about ridiculously good looking Peruvian model-chef Franco Noriega, he was on the verge of opening two restaurants in New York City. Usually, he sprinkles shirtless photos of himself on Instagram. But on October 18, he took it a step further when he stripped down to his boxers to make chia pudding on camera. Though, if I’m being perfectly honest, the only thing I can remember is the suggestive framing – likely the reason a video about chia pudding racked up 8.1 million views.

The video catapulted him to Internet stardom, which came with a requisite invitation to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On Tuesday, Franco dropped by and made Ellen tacu tacu. Though if you saw gringo outlets cover this story, you may have thought he made “Peruvian tacos” – a thing that doesn’t exist.

The five-minute segment features Franco talking about his new Baby Brasa restaurant (where he keeps his shirt and pants on) and Peruvian ingredients. As he tries to cook, Ellen can’t concentrate until she gets a full rundown on his history as a naked Peruvian chef. As a former surfer, Franco explains that he’s always felt comfortable wearing minimal clothing.

Check out the video below and thank Ellen for providing us this gem: