Petty Cash Taqueria: Where Tijuana Meets East L.A.

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Welcome to Petty Cash Taqueria, the love child of restaurant owner and Chef, Walter Manzke and Guillermo “Oso” Campos Moreno where you’ll actually feel inclined to order something other than tacos. Moreno gained street-cred with  Kokopelli which is serving up the most adventurous tacos in Tijuana. Bringing influences back from his Mexico eatery, a wall of exposed brick with L.A. artist Retna’s graffiti style hieroglyphics and picnic style seating greet you and smells of a distant land tease your nostrils before you even glance at their menu.

The chill-out-maxin’-relaxin’ vibes are perfect for their minimalistic offerings– with a twist. First up on ‘The Munchies’ portion is ‘’; guacamole with chicharrones and sea urchin. Next up, five choices from their ‘Ceviche Bar’, serving up squid ink and baja halibut for that refined palette of yours. Notice a theme?

Petty Cash Taqueria is highlighting the best seafood the west coast has to offer. With Peruvian Bay Scallops and Live Santa Barbara Prawns being served up, it’s no wonder they’ve got a drink menu for those off and “On the Wagon”. If you’re stomach can handle it after their Duck Gizzards (yes, that’s part of the digestive tract) tacos, wash it all down with a Banana Hammock. A drink that has rum, banana infusion, tamarind and fresh lime is A-OK in my book. I’m a fan of Petty Cash Taqueria cause they make me giggle AND salivate in one sitting. Yum.

(P.S. A little secret for you Remezcla readers, owner Walter Manzke gives away free Chilaquiles to anyone buying a drink at the bar after 11PM on weekdays, and Midnight on weekends!)