This California Bakery Created the Perfect Pokémon Go Treat, the Pikachurro

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With the recent release of “Pokémon Go”, people everywhere are trying to cash in on the game’s popularity. Some are doing it better than others, and I’d quickly name California bakery The Loop the Pokentrepreneur champions. Two weeks ago, The Loop, which creates loop-shaped churros, introduced the Pikachurro.

Though I’m sure Pikachu would prefer being recreated in ketchup form, The Loop’s version of Team Rocket’s archnemesis is solid. The adorable glazed treat uses red sprinkle stars to stand in for Pikachu’s cheek dots, and smaller churro pieces dipped in cookie crumbs for the ears. As if you needed more of an incentive to head over to Westminster, the Pikachurro also comes with ice cream.

[H/T Food and Wine]