Best Hangover Brunches to Cure the Cruda…Borracho Sin Vergüenza

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There’s been a surge in sales of Pedialyte, the liquid meant to cure infants suffering from dehydration, now being dubbed the Holy Grail of hangover remedies by college students. Bless them. For we know the only real cure for the most common malady of my current life. Besides sunglasses and Advil (Kanye’s go-to remedy), all thats needed to dig yourself out of the self-inflicted hole is a few friends to recount tales, a brunch of epic proportions and a cocktail to wash down the shame. Check out our favorite spots in your city below.


A reasonably priced 24 Latin diner in Chelsea? Yes, it exists and it’s a mecca of heaping plates of Huevos Rancheros and seriously good Coconut cocktails. This is the kind of place that has paper menus just waiting to be spilled on. Famous for their Lomo Saltado, a gargantuan beautiful mess of salty marinated meat, short ribs, tomatoes and onions atop a bed of fries, you’ll need a siesta after this one.


**Editor’s Note: A devoted brunch fan let us know our original choice ‘Autentico 5 de Mayo’ has closed**

No. You’re not dreaming. That photo up there is most definitely Fruity Pebbles encrusted french toast with three different types of berries. ¡Ay, dios mio! Besides the childhood throwback, Flo offers a butt-load of egg options, too. Whether you like them scrambled with chorizo, smothered in roasted poblano sauce, or poached with grilled skirt steak, chipotle hollandaise sauce over brioche toast, at Flo, the possibilities are endless.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

This April, Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop in the burgeoning Wynwood Arts District in Miami closed down due to electrical fire. But a few weeks ago, Miamians REJOICED as the BEST Cuban sandwiches were back in business. We’ve heard from many of our Miami sources that absolutely nothing cures a night of extensive tequila shots on South Beach than this delicious and super cheap menu (nothing over $10!) Only open for breakfast and lunch, some stand-outs on the menu include the local legend, Pan Con Bistec, croquetas de jamon, tostones, Media Noche, and batidos of all kinds (trigo, papaya, mamey, mango, to name a few.) But if you’re that hungover person at the table that is almost too sick to think of food, go on and order the Tostada con Xtra Mantequilla. That’s all you’ll need to survive.


Cacao Mexicatessen

This no frills self-proclaimed ‘mexicatessen’ have dream worthy spins on eggs and pancakes like Pancakes de Calabaza, topped with pumking seeds, powdered sugar, pears & mexican cinnamon syrup. Their Huevos de los Angelitos are taking us to church by stuffing a poblano chile with roasted corn, refried black beans mole verde and lots and lots of cheese. With most dishes being vegetarian friendly, this friendly place doesn’t discriminate!


Boogaloos sits pretty in the Mission District and offers free coffee while you wait on line. The menu is vegan friendly and for us meat lovers (lets be real), andouille sausage and chorizo hash is waiting for you. The build-your-own omelette offers everything from jalapeños to ranchero sauce and did I mention they have a grilled plantain cake with black beans & tamarind sour cream? Cause they do. Let the drooling commence!