Platano maduro, Platano verde….

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I love plantains, but am too lazy to peel them. My mom always tsk-tsks this fact telling me how simple it is to de-skin a plátano with a simple knife. That’s easy for her to say, with her many years of experience at making tostones, mofongos, y pasteles boricuas.  

Well, imagine my joy and surprise when I read, in of all places, the New York Times about a new device made specifically for the peeling impaired. The EZ plantain peeler was invented by Edwin Rodriguez, a former janitor in Spanish Harlem. It has a sharp knife at one end that is used to cut the thick outer surface into strips. On the other end there is a special tip that pulls a tough husk away from the inner meat. The handle that is made to mold to your hands making the task more comfortable. During a demonstation of the product, the peel just slips right of the planatain in seconds, and the fruit is quickly ready to use. My mom probably won’t be impressed by the device, but I know I surely will need it. In fact, I’m already salivating at the thought of all the stuff I can make now that I can finally start peeling away.

For more information on the EZ Plaintain Peeler, and to order, go to: