Pop-Tarts & Tajín Are Teaming Up for Unlikely Flavor Collaboration — Yes, This is Real

Lead Photo: Kellogg's Company
Kellogg's Company
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Tajín is the seasoning brought to us by the culinary gods and this is evident based on fans’ obsession with adding it to everything from fruit to vegetables to ice cream. The seasoning made with dehydrated lime, chile powder, and salt holds a special place in the hearts of snackers around the world and Pop-Tarts is using that love to bring an exciting new limited edition treat.

Pop-Tarts has teamed up with Tajín to bring a spicy, sweet treat for your breakfast, lunch, or snack. The titans of the snacking world are offering Crazy Bueno Boxes to snackers through the Pop-Tarts Instagram shop and the Kellogg’s online store.

Each box comes with three Pop-Tart boxes including Frosted Strawberry, Frosted Wild Berry, and Peach Cobbler. They also include some Tajín Clasíco Seasoning and Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. There is even a flavor pairing guide so you can make the most of your spicy Pop-Tart adventure.

“With fall upon us, Pop-Tarts is a warm and new way to experience this universal product,” Javier Leyva, Director of Tajín USA, says in a statement. “Our well-balanced blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt, and dehydrated lime and the new Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce pair perfectly with Pop-Tarts’ fruit-flavored filling, frosting and flaky crust.”

The limit-edition Pop-Tart x Tajín Crazy Bueno boxes will drop daily from Tuesday, Oct. 25 through Thursday, Oct. 27 at 12:00 p.m. ET. The boxes cost $10 and are sure to delight your taste buds in an odyssey of flavor that makes the fall weather seem less frigid.

Check out more about the Crazy Bueno boxes here.