Read Between the Buns: Latin-Inspired NYC Burgers

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It seems that headlines have been abuzz with burger news lately. From the McDonald’s Happy Meal-that-could (the kid-friendly combo was photographed daily to track decomposition and after six-months of chronicling, it, well, remained unchanged) to New York Magazine’s report that local restaurateurs are shifting their focus from linen-napkin establishments to burger joints, America’s taste buds—and attention span—skew towards what’s found between the buns.

But what happens when your Latin American taste buds take you in another direction? When cravings for a bun-and-patty combo are easily satisfied with a Mexican torta or a Venezuelan arepa instead of 12-ounce, dripping-with-fat (in a good way!) burger on a toasted, sesame seed bun? You thank your lucky starts you live in New York City where you can find variations like a pizza burger, Mexican burger and more. So next time your lunch is a toss up between a burger and a taco, opt from one of Remezcla’s suggestions for best Latin-inspired burgers. Who says you can’t have it all?

Cuban Burger, Mesa Grill

(102 5th Ave., New York, 212.807.7400)

Bobby Flay merges the classic Cuban sandwich—a pressed, sliced pork, Serrano ham, Swiss cheese and mustard sandwich—with an American cheeseburger. The combination results in a grilled beef burger, Swiss cheese, toasted bun, Dijon mustard and a garlic mayonnaise spread. Although the pork is noticeably absent, Mesa Grill’s Cuban burger successfully strikes a balance between the Northeast and the Caribbean.

Latin Burger, Yuca Bar

(111 Avenue A, New York, 212.982.9533)

This deceivingly simple burger takes Latin food back to its origin: fragrant spices. The secret behind this Latin-inspired burger is the dry spice rub, commonly known as adobo, that includes a heaping of oregano and garlic. We suggest the Latin burger as the culinary coward’s foray into fusion burgers.

The Mexican, Rare Bar & Grill

(303 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016 , 212.481.1999)

We realize this burger joint has multiple outposts, but a stand-out option has to be the Mexican burger served up at the Chelsea location—plus, they’ve also got a rooftop. Envision a juicy, grilled patty topped with black bean spread, fresh guacamole and chipotle puree. After indulging in this combination, who needs a taco?

These are just a few to whet your appetite. Tell us your favorite Latin-inspired burger!