RIP La Villita Bakery

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It’s a sad day in Williamsburg, today.

La Villita, a tiny Mexican bakery on the corner of Bedford and Grand, has shuttered. It will probably be a clothing boutique by next month. La Villita was not only one of the last great Latino bakeries in Brooklyn; was not just the only place in the neighborhood you could go to get hot milk in your coffee without spending $4.50 on a latte; was not only me and Gompf’s resaca go-to on account of their huge, fat, greasy, under $5 breakfast sandwiches with chorizo and butter and salsa verde and…

No. We mourn La Villita because it is the ancestral home of our mascot and lovely assistant, XoXa Remezcla Trevi, as the New York Times documented in the photo below.

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