Even This Tamal-Stealing Dog Knows That You Don’t Eat the Corn Husks

Lead Photo: Photo by DebbiSmirnoff / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by DebbiSmirnoff / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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In the last few months of the year, tamales are ubiquitous in many Latino households. And though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when tamal season begins, we can officially say it’s started for one dog.

In a short video posted to Twitter by @arisbae__, her mom can be heard scolding Rocky, her dog who stole her tamal. The short clip show Rocky with something in its mouth as arisbae’s mom expresses her disappointment. “Sit, sit, sit,” she says.  “Why are you eating tamales? Why are you eating those tamales? They’re not for you. Your stomach is going to hurt.”

She then asks the doggo to hand over the tamal and well, Rocky has already eaten it.

If you need a laugh or love dogs or tamales, check out this very funny video below.