San Antonio and Austin Mayors Will Face Off in Breakfast Taco Summit This Week

Lead Photo: Photo via A Dash of Texas
Photo via A Dash of Texas
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For about a month now, San Antonio and Austin have been locked in a high stakes, epic turf war – one that has the power to define cultural pride and bragging rights for ages to come: who can take credit for inventing the breakfast taco? While it’s unclear when exactly the feud began, North Texas outlet Kera News credits a February Eater article – which dubbed Austin the birthplace of the breakfast taco – with sparking the outrage.

What is clear, however, is that since then, no one has had any chill.

More than 1,700 people signed a petition to exile Matthew Sedacca – the author of the controversial Eater article – from Texas for “taco negligence.” Then the San Antonio Current came back with a list of 26 places to get breakfast tacos.

In late February, Austin Mayor Steve Adler said, “Now some may look out at you and see 1,500 shining examples of volunteerism and virtue, but I see something greater. I see our army in a war against San Antonio. As your commander in chief for the Breakfast Taco War, it is my solemn duty to inform you that after you have selflessly given of yourselves, I will be drafting you into the Great Breakfast Taco War of 2016.”

Those are, of course, fighting words, and now Adler and San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor will meet at the Hilton Austin Downtown on Thursday for what is being described as a taco summit. Between 9 to 9:30 a.m., the two will present their best tacos, so that a winner can be chosen once and for all.

According to the San Antonio Current, a press release from the Mayor’s office said Taylor will be bringing “50 of the most delicious, freshly-made breakfast tacos from Mittman Fine Foods.” (She’s also supposed to bring some “maracas to help celebrate after San Antonio declares victory,” which I would strongly advise her not to do.)