This Upcoming San Antonio Spot Is Giving a Mexican Twist to Traditional Burgers

Lead Photo: The Oaxaqueña burger at Burgerteca. Photo: Josie Rees
The Oaxaqueña burger at Burgerteca. Photo: Josie Rees
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If the tamal con mole-flavored cupcakes at Los Angeles’ Viva Los Cupcakes didn’t grab your attention, maybe a new burger shop in San Antonio will. Burgerteca, a new joint from Chef Johnny Hernandez, is opening later this month in the Mission Reach area of the famous Riverwalk, and the menu has a simple twist to separate it from the pack of casual burger establishments. Burgerteca will feature custom burgers made with both Mexican spices and flavors, like al pastor, pibil, and chilaquiles. The resulting concoctions are barely recognizable as burgers, but in the best way possible. It’s the supposed “American-style” comfort food, given a Mexican twist to reflect the flavor of the Texan city.

The Pacifica burger at Burgerteca. Photo: Josie Rees
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Speaking to My San Antonio, Hernandez opened up about his goal behind Burgerteca’s eclectic menu: “It’s definitely the first time I’ve taken an American dish and given it not only my personal spin, but one that is the core of what we do with Mexican food,” he said. “It does challenge me in a different way. We want to push the boundaries of creativity when it comes to the American traditional format.”

Among the menu items will be burgers like the “Oaxaqueña,” which will consists of an Angus beef patty slathered in mole negro, black bean spread, pickled onions, avocado, and queso fresco, and the “Pacifica,” a seared tuna burger with avocado, tomato, sesame seeds, cabbage slaw, and a chipotle-lime mayo dressing.

Hernandez said that it was a long process to get the concept from his brain to your table. “We’re thrilled to introduce Burgerteca’s unique Mexican burger and ice cream concept to San Antonio and offer new ingredients gathered from these great culinary regions across Mexico; it’s a concept five years in the making.”

Alongside the unique burger combinations, Burgerteca will also feature an ice cream shop with a Mexican twist, serving paletas, nieves, and raspas. The big ticket item at the ice cream shop will be Mexican ice cream nachos, however: “Mexican buñuelos piled high with ice cream, fresh fruit syrups, and Oaxacan chocolate fudge.” The site will also house the upcoming Villa Rica restaurant–set to open in 2018–which will focus more on seafood and cocktails.