SCVNGR Hunt En Tu Ciudad Spots: San Francisco

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Your Mission: The Mission

Odds are you’ve walked past them but never stopped to wonder what’s the story behind the Mission’s most breathtaking murals. What inspired them? Who painted them? Why? Well, Remezcla’s done a little digging for you, and now that the days are sunny and the weather mild –unlike anywhere else in this country– it’s the perfect time para ir a pasear in SF’s most vibrant neighborhood (La Misión, obvio). Plus, if you use SCVNGR’s “Juke the City” trek and check in at each place, you earn points that get you closer to winning a new car. For more detailed instructions, read on HERE.


La Llorona’s Sacred Waters

1. Start with “La Llorona’s Sacred Waters” on York and 24th street. Painted by Juana Alicia, a remarkable artist, activist, and educator, the mural depicts the plights of women worldwide (see if you can identify the Bolivian women in Cochabamba fighting the Bechtel corporation and Indian women from the Narmapa valley protesting their government’s irresponsible dam projects). The unifying theme of La Llorona is the classic Mexican myth of a mother who drowns her children and is doomed to forever weep for them.

Balmy Alley

2. The next stop is Balmy Alley on 24th St, where you can find the most concentrated collection of murals in the city. Some of them have been there since 1972, and the alley is reserved for the celebration of Central American indigenous cultures and to protest US intervention in the region. You can spend hours just in this one little street, but keep your eyes out for Tina Wolf’s mural on Hurrican Katrina, “After the Storm.”

Silent Laguage of the Soul

3. For more upbeat murals, visit “Silent Language of the Soul,” which adorns the Cesar Chavez School and was also painted by Juana Alicia, this time with Susan Cervantes. Or even, head to the MaestraPeace mural on the Women’s Building on 18th and Guerrero. Painted in 1994, it was a multi-cultural, multi-generational effort on behalf of seven women. Four stories high, the mural celebrates the achievements of women worldwide, from Georgia O’Keefe to Rigoberta Menchu.

Kiji Japanese Reastaurant and Sushi

4. By this point, all this mural watching must have you muriéndote de hambre. So relax and head to Kiji Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, where you get a free sushi roll just for checking in with SCVNGR. Or, if you haven’t seen enough murals by now, eat at Andalu, this cute little tapas bar with a beautiful sky mural on its ceiling where you get 10% off your bill through SCVNGR.

Bianca Starr

5. Estómago lleno, corazón contento? Bueno, don’t forget to stop by Bianca Starr on your way home. If you visit this trendy fashion boutique on January 6th and check into “Juke the City,” you could win a free iPad.

Como les quedó el ojo? Personally, we feel like this makes for a pretty sweet day in the Mission.









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