SCVNGR Hunt En Tu Ciudad Spots: New York

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Cue in the snow. 20 inches of it. Add to it the fact that you’re stranded in New York for the winter. What are you left with? The perfect opportunity for a staycation. Might as well make the best of it, right?


Rockin’ Raw

1. Start enjoying the extra couple days in the city by taking the L train to the Bedford. Now, before you roll your eyes at us, walk north one block to Rockin’ Raw for their $15 prix fixe brunch menu, including all-you-can-drink mimosas made with champagne and scoops of orange sorbet. No need to feel guilty either if you have one or two or five. Rockin’ Raw serves raw, vegan, Peruvian, and creole-inspired food, which translates into a culinary adventure without any of the remorse. Ever wonder what raw papas a la huancaina taste like? Order the jicama a la huancaina to find out. Did we also mention that as a Remezcla reader you’re eligible for an additional 5% off your bill? Just download the SCVNGR app for the discount and the chance to win a new Nissan Juke. For more info, read our last post on the contest.

Fuego 718

2. Fuego 718 is the next stop on our tour. Self described as “the most beautiful place on earth,” the guys over at Fuego are certainly not humble but neither are they far from the truth. An eclectic little boutique selling everything from milagros from Italy to retablos from Peru, walking through Fuego is like touring the museum of quirky (and if you happen to like something, SCVNGR gets you 25% off!).

Williamsburg Walks

3. Oh, and on your way to Fuego, don’t forget to check out one of Williamsburg’s most iconic murals, Williamsburg Walks, on the corner of North 3rd and Bedford.

Ashes to Ashes Mural

4. And if you’re a fan of urban art, you’ll go nuts over the Ashes to Ashes mural on Berry and South 4th.


5. Also, don’t fail to pass by Mishka for graffitti-inspired men’s clothing. Perfect if looking for a gift to buy someone’s love.

The Knitting Factory

6. Next, sweeten up your staycation by visiting the Knitting Factory on January 6th. On that day, the iconic venue will be giving out two pairs of free tickets.

La Superior

7. This gives you the perfect chance to score some tickets, sample the ezquites y tacos de lengua at La Superior (at 10% off, we might add), all in time to go back to the Knitting Factory and enjoy the show.



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