SCVNGR Hunt En Tu Ciudad Spots: San Francisco Part 2

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Essential San Francisco

Last week we suggested you prance around The Mission hunting for murals. Things were still slow then; some were on vacation, traffic was as light as it’s ever going to get. This week, sadly, the pace of life has accelerated. So, instead of having you spend a day exploring, we’ve highlighted a few outstanding spots around the city that, if you visit on your way home from work, will give you the illusion the holidays are still here.


Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique:

Tucked into a cozy corner of The Mission, Wonderland dedicates itself to showcasing the works of Bay Area designers, artists, and photographers. They open a new exhibit the first Thursday of each month, which means the current one debuted just last week. Also, if you stop by on the 14th, thanks to SCVNGR you could win a FREE iPad or a premium NikeID experience with a NikeID Consultant in your city! And if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Little Baobab for a bite. This eclectic bar specializes in Senegalese cuisine and offers SCVGNR players 10% off every night. They also have non-profit Thursday happy hours –formally known as Teranga Thursdays– where local nonprofits receive 20% of the night’s earnings. You know what this means: for once those extra tamarind margaritas you have could actually count as charitable acts.

Part sculpture, part pop art, Kidrobot collectible toys are now part of NY’s MOMA collection. The brand has also collaborated with the likes of Playboy, Marc Jacobs, and Barneys New York to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Among our favorites are Yoda USB drives and cigar smoking teddy bears like the Wilson Plush Smokin’ Edition. Up until January 28th, enjoy 20% off your purchase with SCVNGR at Kidrobot’s store on 1512 Haight Street.

This venue needs no introduction. Showcasing dance, visual art, film, theater, and music, Yerbabuena Center for the Arts is THE place to go for intellectually stimulating evenings in the Bay Area. What’s more, there’s an extra incentive to visit the center this month: with SCVNGR, tickets are half price.

Walking into Recycled Records is like falling down the rabbit hole, or taking the red pill and seeing just how deep it goes. Owner Bruce Lyall declared that he’d “buy anything.” True to his word, at any given moment Recycled Records could hold on its shelf rare travel books, Barbie dolls in their original box, theater programs, concert posters, or an album of art deco Japanese matchbook covers, not to mention the rare LP as well. Being there makes you feel like you’re exploring someone’s old attic, only this someone has sophisticated, eclectic, impeccable taste. No one (not even us) knows what you can find, but if you find it with SCVNGR, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

Así que, a disfrutar, a descubrir, y a un Enero en San Francisco con mucho sabor!
















Win a premium NikeID experience with a NikeID Consultant in your city
1/14 /11 – Wonderland – San Fransisco from 1:00 to 5:00 pm