Secret Apartment Restaurant Somewhere in BK

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There’s always something very intriguing about underground scenes. And while some have diminished, others arose in newly formed, and delicious ways. Glori, as you’ll recall from Brooklyn Boricua tropical duo D’Marquesina, has started up an underground restaurant serving her original chin chin delicacies in an artsy apartment in Prospect Heights. Collaborations will be hatched, careers born and beer drunk. Espera, don’t go ahead telling everyone you know just yet, but we got the specs on Glori’s apartment restaurant for ya.

A VERY GOOD Restaurant is the 2012 New Years resolution of Glorimarta Linares: DJ, curator, blogger, chef and global traveler. It’s not super legal, so either you know or you don’t (like please don’t tell) (think Michael Riedel’s factory restaurant). This all begins on May 19 (tienes que ir!) in the pad shared with her friends & collaborators. Expect a gathering of the city’s underground creative class with comida latina y mas at all around $6 – $11 (brunch is $6, a burger is $9). The only way to attend is via RSVP, find out how below.


What should we eat at your restaurant?

If you come before 2pm you should eat: malanga mash, eggs, arugula, bacon and toasted garlic;

after 2pm: definitely A VERY GOOD: burger with a mix of goat cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, arugula and mayo (thats my favorite combination) but with manchego is pretty good too!

later like at 6pm: you should eat the “ropa vieja”, rice with corn, tomato with a honey glaze and “bacalaitos” and of course, at any time you should definitely try the “bacalitas”- chicken wings in a cod fish batter.

Who’s cooking?

I’m cooking.

Like, is this kosher? what if the Health Department gets wind?

Not kosher, but good and fresh! If the WHO, what? lets not even get into that…

If you were to name the type of comida (fusion, French Modernist, Indian) in your restaurant what would you call it?

I would make my own: a “chin chin” type of food–will try to make something different each time but this saturday it’s all puerto rican food.

Why convert your apartment into a restaurant? (To play restaurant is like my childhood dream, lol.) What’s your goal?

I would love to have 2 restaurants: one in new york and one in puerto rico; and just to see if I could really do it I thought of this idea. It was the first thing on my new year’s 2012 list.

How did you choreograph the yellow butt dance?

jajajajajajajajaja I guess that because I can’t do it asked them to do what I wish I could be doing and they performed really well I think it took only 2 takes to get it. They are professionals.

At any time you should definitely try the “bacalitas”- chicken wings in a cod fish batter.

What’s up with the sign in your apt. that says, “Have in Mind That We All Fall Behind From Time to Time?”

This is a question for the artist, Hector Madera who gave me that piece like 3-4 years ago.

Is it BYOB?

Yes of course it’s BYOB but you should try what our friends- the lawyer Javier Nieves and Grammy winner Jorge Rodriguez- will be offering: “CERVEZA GORDITA” (from Brooklyn, Puerto Rico 😉

What corner stores are around your apartment that you shop at?

Western Beef! if my neighbors only knew that you can find every type of “viandas,” cheap pernil and even recao!!! (one of my main ingredients for this saturday).

What do we have to bring for/do to the chef to win points?

Showing up will do it.

Anything else we should know?

Im not doing this alone, I have a great partner: my roommate (and one of the yellow butt dancers) Victoria Delgado, and a great team- my cousins: famous actress Marise “Tata” Alvarez and sports guru Jose “Goldo” Alvarez- that will help me throughout the day. I want this to work as a collaboration, invite people to cook with me or make something for the event. This saturday the collaboration will be with textile designer, dj, band partner and friend Raquel Berrios, and musician, mac genius and friend Luis Alfredo del Valle. Raquel designed the tablecloths, aprons and placemats and Luifre will be playing some tunes.

Rsvp to to get a seat at A VERY GOOD RESTAURANT.