Your iPhone Can Now Make Sirious Margaritas

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We are on the eve of a revolution. This is the dawn of a new technologically advanced age and they will speak of this day for centuries to come. This is the day Siri learned to make margaritas. Wait, QUE? Hackers at the Disrupt SF Hackathon 2012 unveiled “Sirious Margaritas” and yes, with a simple command ;”Siri, tell the margarita maker to make me a margarita”, a text will be sent to their Google number, which will in turn power a blender and VOILA!

Siri’s having a pretty wild week, with the Apple KeyNote and Mexican Independence Day just a few days away,she’s gonna have some stiff competition which only some tequila can calm. No idea if Sirious Margaritas will ever catch on beyond nerd conventions, but as long as Siri can give us hangover cures for those plentiful tequila dranks we enjoy this weekend, I guess we’ll deal with making them on our own, fine!