Sobremesa Festival Brings Heavy Hitters of Mexican Gastronomy, Food Activism, and Academia to NYC

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Mexican food hasn’t historically been NYC’s forte, but in recent years the tide’s been changing. The last five years have seen an explosion in the number of NYC eateries highlighting regional Mexican cuisine (a nice change of pace from bland Tex-Mex chains) — and restaurants like Enrique Olvera’s Cosme have become some of the most buzzed about in the city, nabbing James Beards awards and other food world accolades.

Given this new wave of interest in the authentic and varied flavors of Mexico, it’s the perfect time for a day-long Mexican food and ideas event like Sobremesa. Spearheaded by Alo Gorozpe and created in collaboration with The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY, the event is based on the idea, inherent in Mexican culture, of the “sobremesa” – aka lingering after a meal and talking about any and all topics with your family, friends, or colleagues. These conversations can last for minutes or go on for hours.

On May 20th, Gorozpe will bring the spirit of the sobremesa to a series of Mexican food talks, covering both traditional and contemporary gastronomic proposals coming out of Mexico. The day will have three components: talks, a pop-up market and a food hall. Attendees will have the chance to listen to food experts and leaders in Mexican gastronomy, as well as academics and activists, while also getting to experience the flavors, colors, textures, sounds and smells of a Mexican pop-up market, and all the delicious foods and rituals of Mexican cuisine that it entails.

Sobremesa keynote speakers Luz Calvo y Catriona Esquibel
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Heavy hitters featured on the line-up include Zarela Martinez, Lesley Tellez, Luz Calvo and Catriona Esquibel and Carlos Yescas, among others. There will also be a market place with vendors like Miscelanea NY, La Newyorkina, La Morada, Cenkali Products, and more.

For more information and the full program of events, visit Sobremesa’s website and make sure to add their info to your calendar below:

Friday May 20th 2016
From 9am to 6pm
The Great Hall, The City College of New York.
160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031