Someone Called 911 Because a Man Was Grilling Cuy in the Park

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I’ve eaten my fair share of animals people may consider “weird” – including alligator, rattlesnake, ostrich, reindeer, and cuy. This last one, more commonly known as a guinea pig here in the US, is considered a delicacy in my mother’s native Peru, and is also common in other Andean countries, like Ecuador and Colombia.

When I tell people – especially gringos – that I’ve eaten guinea pig, their reaction is usually all:

But today, a resident of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park area took it to the next level.

Pix 11 reports that after seeing an Ecuadorian man grilling cuy this morning in the park, a resident freaked out and called 911 to report him for “mistreating a squirrel.”

Admittedly, it probably did look a lot like a squirrel impaled on the tip of that ginormous 4-foot wooden skewer.

After police confirmed that the man was in fact just grilling guinea pig within the designated BBQ areas, they promptly bounced and let him be.

In other news, it’s been about 25 minutes since I found out about this and I only just stopped laughing enough to be able to type.