Spanish Sandwiches Invading the New World

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Spain’s sandwich chain 100 Montaditos seeks to expand its US territory, pushing forth from its holdings in Miami to conquer the rest of the New World.


According to FOX Latino (Sorry), Restalia Grupo de Eurorestauración plans to open four-thousand locations across the US in the next five years. Most of the sandwiches on their menu cost in the ballpark of €1 ($1.42) and should sell here for comparable prices – the sandwiches themselves are five inches long, and patrons usually order three or four at once, mixing and matching.

The sandwiches look delicious, but this all sounds familiar. No word yet on whether 100 Montaditos plans to enslave the native Subways, Quiznos, and Blimpie for the Spanish crown, but we’re remaining cautious. We hear they landed in Miami by accident, trying to open a franchise in India.

We could keep making these jokes all day…