Starbucks' Noches Culturales Brings Fun and Flan to Cities

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Last month, Starbucks announced their partnership with our friend, Emmy award-nominated host and producer Pili Montilla, to present Noches Culturales. The Noches were all revolving around the release of Starbucks’ newest venture in café, the Caramel Flan Latte, and they pretty much won our hearts at the words “caramel flan.” Kicking off on January 23 in L.A. with Irene Diaz, the free in-store events featured acoustic concerts to celebrate the culture and traditions of the Latin community with lively music and, of course, the beloved flan. The event spanned four other cities (San Diego, San Antonio, Houston, and Miami) with a fresh line-up that included Palenke Soultribe, Cuevo, David Garza, Gio Chamba, Elastic Bond, and Periko & Jessi Léon.

Check out the recap video below of Periko & Jessi Léon performing in Miami. If you miss the Noches Culturales, there’s no reason you can’t dance your way to your nearest Starbucks to have a taste of this decadent treat in a cup. We can’t promise you won’t get kicked out this time, but you’re living la vida and that’s what it’s all about, right?

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