This Restaurant Has Created a Tacro, a Croissant and Taco Mashup

Lead Photo: Photo by Jacopo Ventura/ iStock/Getty Images Plus
Photo by Jacopo Ventura/ iStock/Getty Images Plus
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In our world of mashup food concoctions, nothing should come as a shock. But we can’t deny we were filled with questions when we saw the latest novelty food item coming out of San Francisco. Vive la Tarte has combined a croissant and a taco to create a tacro. The food features a crisped up croissant that serves as a tortilla and is then filled with meat and salsa.

The tacro is not Vive La Tarte’s first venture into croissant experimentation (it sells lemon meringue and blood orange), but the tacro has sold out a few times since its debut two weeks ago. The tacro came after two months of trial and error.

“We took our regular croissant dough that we make and we tried to fill it with pulled pork or with chicken, and we found that the flavors didn’t combine well,” Vive La Tarte’s creative director Jimmy Houghton told SF Gate. “The pastry was way too rich, way too butter, way too sweet. We went back to the drawing board and we said it needs to be saltier, need to be a bit more savory.”

The restaurant has three tacro options: chicken with avocado, barbecue jackfruit, and pulled pork with pineapple.