This Internet Shero Used James Brown to Sell H-E-B Grocery Store Tamales

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Literally, all a tamalero has to do to turn people’s attention to the delicious tamal he or she is selling is to announce their presence. With a single “tamales, tamales a la docena” or “tamales calentitos,” a tamalero is likely to get some bites. But at H-E-B – where people are just trying to get their grocery shopping done – it’s likely that customers need a little more motivation to try the tamales. Enter: H-E-B’s best tamal sales rep.

At one of the grocery store’s San Antonio locations, an unnamed H-E-B employee stood near the produce section with a cooler full of tamales. But instead of just letting people that they could buy tamales at the store, she sang about it. Set to the tune of James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing,” this woman came up with a pretty charming way to sell tamales. “Get up offa that thing and grab a pack of tamales,” she sings. “Get up offa that thing, and get your hot tamales, whoo.”

Luckily, H-E-B customer John A. Castillo recorded the whole thing for posterity. We can’t really vouch for H-E-B tamales, but we can guarantee that you’ll want to watch this video repeatedly:

[H/T Vivala]