This Video Celebrates Texas’ Only Two Food Groups: Tacos and BBQ

“Whatever you’re doing, you can always in Texas, kind of make a taco out of it and throw some beef in there because that’s what we are and what we do.” With these words, Mindy Howard, owner of The Mill, summarized how Texans – Latinos and non-Latinos alike – subsist off their two main food groups: tacos and BBQ.

In a short video for Texas Beef Council – a non-profit organization that essentially acts as a publicist for the state’s beef industry – chefs and other community members discuss how BBQ and Tex-Mex come together to form Texas’ unique blend of comfort food.

The clip has a little bit of culinary history (i.e. how fajita meat was discarded before it found its way into a tortilla), but mostly it may just make you hungry. Check it out above.