The 3 Top NYC Latin Food Trucks (Sin Tacos)

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Just yesterday I considered skipping out on grad school to open up a food truck, an idea suggested to me by my best friend. I admit to considering it pretty seriously–as it is right now nobody is really doing the choripan thing yet. Yet. In another life that could’ve been my niche.

Luckily, the New York food truck scene is quite alright without my non-existant choripan truck. Union square is a mecca for food truck lovers, and Bedford Ave has more than a couple faves (ahem.. Endless Summer). However, we must note that Washington Heights is the original NYC barrio to birth the food truck from its twisted loins. Hello! The chimi truck has been around forever–like before I was born…jaja.

Today we reluctantly give you our list of the 3 food trucks you have to eat @ this summer (reluctantly because the lines will get longer). For just one hour, put aside your diet, your cares, your pretensions, and eat some tasty food out of a little truck with a disproportionately loud motor.


1. Morocho -Authentic Peruvian

Morocho is the first Peruvian food truck in NYC! The truck, run by a professionally trained chef, serves up classic dishes: things like tacos de lomo saltado, anticuchos (meat kebabs), salsa crilla, Aji de Gallina (a chicken, egg and potato plate that costs $7) and chicha morada, Peruvian style. It’s a uniquely sabrosito food truck, which is why they are catching more and more fame, so be aware that the line might get long, but it is well worth the wait. You can find them stationed along Union Square west after lunchtime and into the night.

2. Palenque – Healthy Colombian

Palenque’s home made, healthy Colombian food is better suited to noon than midnight, when you’re looking for a great lunch with plenty of flavor that you won’t spend the rest of the day regretting. Check them out at their home on Bedford or catch them in Manhattan. We love that they carry quinoa and brown rice and flax seed arepas in addition to the traditional corn arepa. Yum. Also, que saludable!!

3. El Peluche – Classic Chimi Truck

This truck’s 15 years in the business of fried Dominican food shines through in its balance of variety, taste and service – though ellos no son baratos. This truck serves chimis de pollores pernil. They also carry bottled mabi juice: popular in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and known as the “energy drink of the islands. Service,  though slow, is helped by an elaborate two ticket/number set ups, one for frituras and one for chimis. The owner of the truck, Henry, is more than willing to discuss his life story.  Some of his original employees are still with him to this day, and he has expanded the menu from only chimichurris to other fried delights like tostoneschuletasribspollo frito and more. Frituras!! Catch them at 10th Avenue @ 204th Street from  5pm – 6am (after el club).


Buen Provecho Amigos!!