The Results Are In: The Best Ceviche in NYC is Actually in New Jersey

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Last week, 8 of NYC’s best Peruvian restaurants (and 1 from New Jersey) faced off in an epic competition to see who makes the city’s best Ceviche and Tiradito dishes. The sold out event was held at the Humphrey in the Eventi Hotel, a space that felt pretty narrow once it got packed with people frantically elbowing each other and virtually frothing at the mouth to get sample dishes from each of the competitors. Luckily, there were abundant pisco cocktails to take the edge off. Plus, let’s be real, I’d probably endure the wildebeest stampede from Lion King for unlimited quantities of ceviche and tiradito.

The winners were chosen by an eclectic panel of judges that included an editor at, Chef Carmen Gonzalez (who has appeared on on season two of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters”), a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs (I guess being Peruvian qualified him as a judge –can I get picked next time?), and the Life & Style Editor at El Diario/La Prensa. La gente got to put their two cents in as well, voting for their favorites in a People’s Choice Award.

Without further ado, these are the results for best ceviche and tiradito dishes:

Best Ceviche – Judges’ Choice

New Jersey restaurant Runa took the prize home for its shrimp and artichoke ceviche, and for finally giving me a reason to go to New Jersey. Chef Marita Lynn opened the restaurant roughly a month ago, so this is an impressive win for a newcomer – -especially considering she also took home the prize for best dish overall!


Best Tiradito – Judges’ Choice

Park Slope’s Coco Roco won for its Lenguado tiradito.

Best Ceviche People’s Choice

Flatiron’s Raymi won for its charred octopus ceviche.

Best Tiradito – People’s Choice

Raymi took home the People’s Choice again for its Chifa Tiradito.


Now go forth, and eat the fruits of the sea!