This BK Restaurant Challenges You to Eat a Burrito That Weighs as Much as a Toddler

Lead Photo: Todd Maisel/New York Daily News
Todd Maisel/New York Daily News
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In the United States, where you can already buy face-sized burritos, one Brooklyn restaurant has decided to up the ante. Don Chingon, on 216 Flatbush Ave., is not only serving a massive 30-pound burrito, they are also offering a 10 percent stake of the company to anyone who can finish the burrito in one hour, according to Gothamist. Those who dare make this mistake also have to drink a ghost pepper margarita as part of the challenge, which will set them back $150.

NYC journalist Gersh Kuntzman gave the challenge a try, and it didn’t go so well for him. Out of the 10 pounds of pork and chicken, five pounds of rice, four pounds of avocado salsa, four pounds of cheese, and a pound of salsas, Kuntzman barely made a dent. He only ate four pounds, because the human stomach has limits. But at least, the New York Daily News team got the leftovers.