This Wednesday, Uber Will Deliver Your Patacon Pisao’

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Last month, Uber launched UberEATS in NYC, jumping into the fray with Seamless, Grubhub, and other delivery services bringing food to the hungry and lazy in our city.

The service, which is already up and running in Los Angeles and Chicago, works a lot like ordering a car – except instead of using the app to hail a ride, you slide to the EATS tab and use it as a way to get your food from point A to point B in ten minutes or less (or so they promise).

A $4 delivery charge gets added to your food bill regardless of the number of items ordered, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the size of your order. Since it’s still in an experimental phase, uberEATS is working with a limited number of restaurants (a rotating menu of two items will be available each day), and this Wednesday, Patacon Pisao’s delicious arepa de pabellon is on the menu.

UberEATS is currently only available from 11am to 2pm Monday – Friday between 14th and 40th streets in Manhattan, so if you’re one of the lucky (and lazy) you can have your lunch delivered to your door. Learn more here.