Tide Pod – the colorful detergent capsules that are supposed to make laundry a cinch – have recently caused a ruckus after the youths started eating them. As part of the Tide Pod challenge, kids have taken a mouthful of the brightly colored detergent and shared the results online. As the dare became viral, Procter & Gamble (Tide’s parent company) and officials at poison centers have spoken out about the potentially deadly effects of ingesting the capsules. (And it’s really dangerous, so please don’t eat them.)

But with the trend not yet slowing down, restaurateurs are here to remind people that you can get Tide Pod-colored food that’s safe for consumption. First, there was the Brooklyn pizzeria that rolled out a blue-and-orange hued pie. Then, there was a Wisconsin bakery offering up Tide Pod-inspired donuts. And now, there’s a San Antonio company that’s created a “Tide Pod” concha. Cakes by Jandy is asking customers to put down the Tide Pods and reach for one of its yummy pan dulces. Jandy is also serving up other trendy conchas, including the uniconcha and rainbow conchas.

If you feel like a Tide Pod concha, check out its Instagram page to make an order.