Top 5 Latin Food Trucks in NYC

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New York has been continuously praised as an authority in the culinary world. But, what people have started to realize is that four walls do not a restaurant make. Many of the most original and delicious food comes straight out of food trucks, carts or “mobile eateries.” Here are five that will make your mouth water:

Solber Pupusas

This Salvadoran delicacy is one of the rarest to find in all of the US. Made from the same “masa” as tortillas, these savory treats are stuffed with cheese, beans, vegetables and fried pork rinds to create little patties. Solber Pupusas are not only one of the few places in New York City that make pupusas, but also one of the best. Find them in Red Hook or at the Brooklyn Flea Market and read their Twitter for the latest news.

Taco Morelos

Found at the intersection of N. 7th and Bedford in Williamsburg, Taco Morelos is a longtime crowd favorite. Not only do they provide excellent lunchtime tacos, but their long hours (they’re open until 4 AM) make for the perfect late night craving satisfaction. If you’re feeling adventurous try the Burrito de Lengua (cow tongue beef), a staple in Mexico but seldom found stateside.

Empanadas Paradise

Rain or shine, hot or cold, you can always count on Empanadas Paradise to satisfy your palette. In addition to their staple empanadas, the Argentinian truck also serves sandwiches, steak and rice and other local dishes. Though sometimes elusive, they often opt for Union Square or the Meatpacking District, just look for a white truck with a “NYC Mobile Eatery” sign across it.

La Newyorkina

This ice pop vender knows the power of social media. Not only did she launch a successful Kickstarter campaign to rebuild her kitchen after Hurricane Sandy left it in shambles, but she also has amassed a troop of loyal Twitter followers that track her every move to find her delicious paletas. The proof is in the pudding, as her ice pops are so yummy and refreshing that any first timer is guaranteed to come for seconds. With creative flavors like Hibiscus, Mango-Chile and Cajeta, La Newyorkina’s world domination is only imminent.

Country Boys/Martinez Tacos

Coming from humble beginnings, having started with just a table and grill set up on the sidewalk, Martinez Tacos, now known as Country Boys, is evidence of the power of good food. Their operation has grown and so has their clientele. They now count two restaurants and two trucks, catering to clients who regularly traverse New York just to devour their delicious food. You can find more information here.