Tortas are the new Tacos

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Tacos were huge in 2011. They faced some stiff South American competition from arepas, but they held strong. Now, for insurance, Mexico is firing another shot in the war for gourmet street food dominance: tortas.

If you’ve ever drunkenly ordered from a Mexican food truck (or, I suppose, if you are actually Mexican) you’ve seen tortas offered – they’re Mexican sandwiches, and they’re delicious. Unfortunately, they’re not a super common menu item. Enter Tortaria, the new Union Square (technically University and 12th Street) Mexican joint set to open some time mid-month that, yeah, has all the Mexican grub you’ve come to expect, but specializes in tortas. Even better, their Facebook page promises that their prices average out at around just $10.

We’ll support any place so excited about their toilets that they post pictures of them on their Facebook.

Impatient? Cafe de la Esquina at Wythe Diner in Williamsburg offers tortas on their back patio takeout counter for around $8. What they lack in selection – there’s four kinds – they make up for in amazing lunch power.